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. Mitchell & Ness, born out of Philadelphia USA is a brand with a huge heritage, having established in 1904!! While thats a lot of decades of history to cover for such a successful company, in more recent years, mitchell and ness snapbacks gained fame for NBA Hardwood Classics range, NFL Throwback range, and NHL Vintage hat range. However in this past year, the brand has been the headwear of choice for those who know their fashion!

The past couple of years have seen everyone from entertainers to athletes wearing snapbacks, making their way into music videos, lyrics of songs, and magazines. Mitchell & Ness jerseys have also remained a popular staple of the brand, with sport greatest enthusiasts, the true fan, making their voices heard which resulted in Mitchell & Ness acquiring the license for the CLC College Vault label in 2005. However they didn't just stop there - a year later, Mitchell & Ness announced that they had acquired the exclusive rights to reproduce Authentic Michael Jordan Jerseys.

Mitchell & Ness have extended their influence of heritage clothing across the pond, and are part of the snapback revolution that been sweeping the UK lately. With artists like Tinie Tempah, Example, Wretch 32, and all the others bringing UK urban music into the mainstream, it only makes sense that their looks and fashion sense have been brought to the forefront of the UK fashion scene.

Snapbacks work for several reason, with the first being that they only come in one adjustable size, taking the stress out of selecting a fitted flat cap and not knowing the sizing, or finding that style you've been after for ages and then finding out the shop doesn't have your size!!

Where Mitchell & Ness snapbacks have got it right is their retro throwback designs, and contrasting colours using the team colours on the caps. With the recent blow up of college and varsity jackets, and now more recently cuffed jeans and chinos, these retro looking snapbacks tie in extremely well with people's existing wardrobes without having to force them to rethink outfits. But like any good fashion piece, they make the outfit look unique and contemporary at the same time.

And yet its still hard to find a local stockist in the UK unless you're located in one of the bigger cities.. but why bother limiting your self to your local area when it is becoming easier day by day to shop online? The benefits of shopping online are huge when compared to popping into a shopping centre. Most shops are limited by their floor space and so can't hold as big a range as they would like to of the products they stock, and even when they do, its hard to display them properly so you might miss out on one you're after. This problem doesn't happen online, where you clearly see all the caps listed, and can refine search by teams/colours/price etc. The level of service is normally better, and its easy to find a good deal online. Not only that, but most websites ship all around the world, and have easy return policies.

Without doubt, the best mitchell and ness snapbacks ranges are found on the internet. Streetwear and urban retailers stock the brand, so its easy to go and find a Mitchell & Ness Snapback. All you need to do is do a Google search on “Buy Mitchell & Ness UK” or if you know the team you're after, put that in the search bar too!

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